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"Notes from a Big Country" by John Radford

"Notes from a Big Country" by John Radford

Revista "Decanter" Noviembre 2009


Arribes is where Spain meets Portugal along the banks of the Duero/Douro River, in a national park amid stunning countryside with beguiling, tiny villages, dry stone walls, herds f semi-wild goats and ancient, gnarled vine. The most interesting work here is being done with varieties not found anywhere else in Spain. The red Juan-García, for example, produces wines with real local character. La Setera is a huband and wife operation in the village of Fornillos making lovely scnted white wines from Malvasía and a rosé, young red and crianza exclusively from Juan García. Equally interesting is Ribera de Palazas, which makes reds from Juan-García but also from the rare Bruñal. The winemaker discovered small abandoned plots of this obscure grape and nursed them back into production. The result has blockbusting fruit and endless length, as it should when selling for around £85 the bottle.

Publicada el martes, 02 de marzo de 2010

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